Since only around one in one-million buffalo are white, a real-life white buffalo is a very special occurrence. The birth of a white buffalo is considered a sacred event to some native Americans. Learn more about the Legend of the White Buffalo and why it is important to Native Americans.

Wakan Gli (Return Sacred)

On January 4, 2024, a rare white buffalo was born in Yellowstone National Park. There were multiple sightings of the little buffalo. The Lakota gave the buffalo the name of Wakan Gli, which means return sacred. AP News has a nice writeup and a close up photo of Wakan Gli.

The Creator’s White Buffalo Maiden

The Creator’s White Buffalo Maiden was born at the Bitterroot Valley Bison Ranch in Missoula, Montana in June of 2020. About 30 people from Montana’s seven main tribes gathered in Lolo on August 29, 2020 for a ceremony honoring White Buffalo Maiden’s arrival. 

You can read more about White Buffalo Maiden at this news story:

Miracle the White Buffalo

Miracle is a rare non-albino white buffalo. She was born on August 20, 1994 in Janesville, WI. Dave and Valerie Heider own the farm where Miracle was born and actively raise Buffalo. The Heider farm became a religious shrine and was visited by thousands of people. Miracle died on September 19, 2004 when she was 10 years old. Sadly, Miracle, her mother, and three other buffalo were all killed in a lightning storm.

You can read more about Miracle at this website:

Beau the White Buffalo

Beau is a rare genetically white buffalo that lives is Pojoaque, NM. He has brown eyes because he is not an albino. He is lives on the LaMont’s Wild West Buffalo and makes public appearances, like at the New Mexico State Fair. Beau is docile and well-trained. You can see photos of him at this website: